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The Doctor

OOC: Muses

The ever growing list of possibilities...

- Jeannie, Rodney Mckay's sister
- Dr. Daniel Jackson, Stargate movie version
- Jack Sparrow
- Ryan Wolfe
- The Empath from Star Trek ep of the same name
- Invisible Man (just because that would be an interesting muse to write for)
- Classic Rogue from Xmen

EDIT: Max Headroom


first: I owe you a tag. *meep*

second: I'd SO go w/ Invisible Man b/c so many others are either obscure, over-known or whatever... and I'd love to see what'd you'd do with him.
1. I figured you were quite busy with all of your other posts and verses going on. :) Didn't know if you were tired of the opera verse already. Tag whenever you like, I'm probably going to bed soon, I can tag back in the morning.

2. Really? Hrm, and that was one of the ones I was only mildly considering. Also, a shapeshifting muse would be pretty nifty too.
1: not bored... just forgetful. I WILL GET AROUND TO IT I PROMISE

2: YES REALLY IDK about shapeshifting one... I don't really know that canon.
*Puzzles out the comment button FTW! \o/*

Dr. Jackson would be epic \o/ As would the Empath. That was the girl/boy who was bound to be married, yus? That seems like lots of fun RP possibilities, there.
Hehe, nope the Empath was the mute girl who could heal people by taking on their injuries.

I am quite the fan of movie Dr. Jackson...and I know there's a Snake Plissken around, which it would be funny to have a case of mistaken identity between him and Jackson since the same actor played him and O'Neill in the movie.
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The Doctor

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